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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

On the hunt. (Job hunt, that is)

Upon logging in today, I realized its been a whopping 10 days since my last (and first?) post. Definitely not my intention. I'd like to pretend that I haven't been near the internet over the last week plus because I've been fabulously busy, but that'd be a lie. And since this blog is an honesty bubble, I will not tell a lie.

I've been embracing the unemployed university graduate style 100% by bumming around my house doing nothing spectacular except for... job hunting. Dun dun dun.

I know there's a large group of us all in the same situation, but I just have to say- its really darn stressful! Holy cow. I wasn't remotely mentally prepared for the amount of drive needed to successfully job hunt and network, and its starting to show. Between thinking I'd be going straight onto a masters program until the end of April and a very busy May (I promise a loooong post about that soon!), I really didn't have much time to devise an effective networking game plan.

I was absolutely floored to find out how much networking plays into finding careers. I've known since I started university how important it is to those in the business areas, but I never thought it would be that necessary for a career in science. But I was definitely wrong. Over the past few months I've been working very hard to develop my networking skills, and am getting back in touch with family friends who are somewhat in the field I'm interested in (since jobs in the molecular/medical genetics field are hard to come by, alas).

I applied for 2 jobs today, close to home. My parents' home, that is, since I'll be moving back in with them come August (wheeee). That's yet another reason why I'm embracing my recently graduated state by sleeping in and drinking often with fiends- because I'll have next to no social life come August.

Anyways, enough dwelling on my potential impending misery! To those of you in the same boat as me, which I know are a surprising amount- don't lose hope! We are all very intelligent individuals trained by wonderful universities, and we WILL find jobs. They may not be what we were expecting or wanting, but (in my understanding of the universe) they will be what we need. So, chin up and don't forget to relax :)

Tomorrow I'm getting up early and putting on a pot of coffee and something cute, and rounding up the hounds to head back to the hunt. Read some advice from a fellow blogger today that working from home in your jim jams does not lead to you feeling productive- and right she is! I've been slobbing around for the past few days "searching" for jobs in ratty tshirts and running shorts feeling like I'm not accomplishing anything, and now I know why. Its like a big-girl (or boy) version of one of my favorite go-get-em sayings, "dress well, test well".

Until then, I'm hunkering down with some wine and hummus to wait out this severe weather we're supposed to be getting! Gotta be ready to shove the cat into her carrying case and duck under the stairs at a moment's notice. To leave you, here's a photo of the cat, Sasha, being completely not amused by our house guest of the past few days, a tiny little puppy named Diva.

I'm going to go clean out our "Harry Potter" closet under the stairs now, just in case we need to take cover tonight! Goodnight lovelies.

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