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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Playing Hookey

I absolutely adore unexpected days off. With the doctor being out of the office for a few days, and one of our publications about to go to print there isn't much for me to do in the office.

My other job still hasn't given me my training schedule or anything (yes, I forgot to share with you all, but I finally found a job! Had to right my karma before everything fell into place, but isn't that how it always is?) and we're taking a few days before we delve into our next publication...

Long story short, I found myself with an unexpected day off today. So did my mom. So, we had a bit of a play date. I got to sleep in, which is always a significant plus. Once I finally managed to roll out of bed, I poured a tumbler of coffee and threw on a jacket, and mom and I took the dog for a walk.

You'd be surprised at how fast those tiny little legs can move!

Holy cow, I don't know what's happened in the Midwest over the past week, but it has gotten SO cold. I always love when the weather starts to get cold, because boots and sweaters are two of my favorite things in life, but seriously- its supposed to snow tonight. Side note, I know- but that's just not okay. It isn't even halloween yet.

Once we got the dog back in the house and warmed up (more coffee, yes), we threw on some flip flops and our heaviest sweaters and headed out to get pedicures. I hadn't gotten one in months, and with the dry weather I've been needing one something fierce for quite a while now. 

We've gone to the same little hole-in-the-wall place next to a pizza joint for probably 8 years now. Everyone there is just so sweet and they do an awesome job for great prices. Mom went with her signature grey while I opted for a very deep plum. A bit daring on my part because I absolutely never do anything purple, but the color was just too gorgeous to pass up. And besides, who looks at your feet in the freezing fall?

I thought about getting my hands taken care of too since for some reason my fingernails won't stop peeling and shredding, but for time's sake I figured I'd just take care of them at home. Which never happened. Whoops. Which reminds me though, does anyone know of any good tricks to get nails to stop peeling? I need serious help! Tips would seriously be appreciated!

On the way home we stopped into Target to pick up a few things for the food pantry. But of course that turned into getting new face products and almost an entirely new fall wardrobe. I was floored by the amount of cute things Target has out right now. If you're looking for great priced nice pieces, definitely check them out!

I hadn't shopped like that... maybe ever. Which is sad because it was a blast, but probably the truth. I made out like a bandit though. 3 pairs of trousers, a gorgeous houndstooth dress, 4 tops and a sweater later, I think I'm beginning to get a professional wardrobe together.

I still need shoes though. And accessories. Story of my life.

I've needed to do some serious clothes shopping for a while. I've delayed it because I've been losing weight, and honestly I wanted to lose a few more before I did shopping like that, but I like to live in the moment and it just happened. I've also been struggling to find a clothing type flattering on my body type, so having my mom there to critique my clothing choices was definitely helpful. I'm a short yet curvy gal, and finding professional yet stylish clothes (especially for working in a pediatric field) is super difficult for me. Does anyone else have that problem, or is it just another manifestation of my fashion incompetence?

After a 15 minute trip turned into a 3 hour one (no joke, its rather disgusting), we were knackered and hungry so we headed home. I heated up some soup for lunch. There is nothing better after being out in the cold weather all day, and the best soup ever that you can make at home from a box undoubtedly comes from Trader Joe's. 

We lounged around for the rest of our day off. I spent some time playing laser light with the cat, and then we both took a nap. 

She's a much prettier sleeper than I.

Went to yoga after dinner, which is always a great way to begin to wrap up your evening. Unfortunately the gym I go to only offers it twice a week (and I am really not a fan of one of the instructors), and I refuse to pay out the wazoo to go to a studio. I'm poor- so what. So I don't get to practice nearly as much as I'd like.

Stopped by a friend's house to pick up my pumpkin that I had carved over the weekend along with a dish from the dip I made for their party on the way home, and still caught the end of the Voice. I hate reality TV (with all due respect), but that is one show that I do truly enjoy.

Now I've got a lovely glass of pinot grigio and the new copy of Vogue to finish my night. It's back to the grindstone tomorrow, but it should be a good day. We're going to start really pushing on our big research project and I think there's another one we're going to brainstorm on, which I always love. Brainstorming is just such a neat word. 

Looks like its time for a refill :)

I'm taking Thursday off as well though, and I plan to bake that day (as well as try to fix my poor fingernails), so if everything goes well I should have a fall recipe for you all soon!

Goodnight lovies!
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