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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree!

Last weekend the parents and I decided we should finally get around to finding the family Christmas tree. So, we bundled up and ventured out to one of the nurseries nearby that I used to frequent as a little kid to find ourselves a tree.

Mom was struggling to keep the 'muffs on. 

Considering the wind chill was at a toasty negative 4, we all split up and quickly got to work. Since we were tree shopping so close to Christmas, there wasn't much of a selection. Luckily the second tree that I spotted was quite the beauty, and I called everyone over to check it out.

Behold! Ain't she a 'beaut?

Dad hung around looking at it close up, checking for squirrels, I assume, so mom and I took a quick spin around the rest of the garden to make sure we weren't missing out on anything.

Everyone was saying it was cold, but I was so bundled up, I could hardly tell!

Coat: Kristen Blake | No longer for sale, but here's a few similar ones!
Sunnies:  Tory Burch
Hat: The North Face | They only have it in purple now, but it is SO warm

After snapping a shot of the 3 of us, mom and I scampered off into the shop and left dad to sort out the tree deets. The name of the nursery/shop is Allisonville Nursery, and it is always such a delightful place to go. I grew up not too far from there, so we'd frequent there to get seeds and things for my dad's garden. They used to have a cat, named Boo, that lived at the shop- which was always my favorite thing about going to the nursery (I've been a cat lady at heart since birth). They have all sorts of things though- ranging from home decor, to garden tools, to plants, and Indiana memorabilia. During the winter though, they have all of their halls completely decked!

How gorgeous are these sundials? They're all hand-crafted, and I'm in love with them all.

We ended up taking home our big ole tree, and a few other things that we hadn't planned on, but isn't that always the story?

We trekked home thru the snow, and as soon as we got inside I fixed some coffee to help thaw us all out. Mom and I left dad to bring the tree in and we took off to finish our Christmas shopping. 

By the time we got home, dad had the tree inside and all of the fixins out of the basement. We sat down to dinner, and then got to work decking the halls!

She doesn't know I snapped this picture :)

Dad was pretty proud of his light-stringing skills.

We decked the tree and finished up the rest of the house as well. I had planned on getting started on my holiday baking, but was so knackered from being out and about all day that I decided to put it off for another night. Fear not though, I've been playing in the kitchen and have perfected a knock-off Harry & David gallette recipe that is out of this world, that I promise I will share with you all soon :)

Merry almost-Christmas, everyone!
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