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Friday, February 14, 2014


Hello beautiful people.

I just wanted to stop by and apologize for not updating in what feels like eons. Life has kind of snowballed into a massive pile of busy, and I've been taking some (okay, a lot) of time to try and sort through all of it.

I've been taking an online course on top of my 2 jobs for the past few months, and thus have been vigorously studying for my final exam in what feels like all of my spare time. I've also taken on a few new clients at work, which has more than doubled my caseload. This all of course has left time for outings with friends, cooking, and anything remotely fun pretty much nonexistent.

Luckily, once this exam is over I will be more than ready to re-join the blogosphere. I've got all kinds of craft projects and new things that I want to try, and I cannot wait to share them all with you.

I will also be traveling, quite a lot I hope, within the next 2 months which will provide plenty of adventure tales as well.

Until then, I'll share with you something that popped up onto my pinterest newsfeed a few weeks ago that I have found quite motivating.

Although, technically it is Friday. And I am quite happy with that. 

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