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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Long Time, No See.

Hello friends!

So, life is still in full swing of craziness, but I am on the home stretch! Work at the center has been busier than ever, and thank goodness the hospital has been very forgiving with me because of it. 

However, none of that matters right now because I'm on vacation! It's not really a vacation, but it's as close to one as I'm getting until July, so regardless of all the meetings and things I have to do it is my vacation.

I'm currently sitting outside in gorgeous Columbia, South Carolina, and I am in love with it here. I got in late Thursday night, and the weather and people both have been absolutely beautiful to me. It's April here, and I've been running around in shorts and swim suits in my free time- it's truly a miracle. 

I'm staying with a Kappa Delta sister of mine from the glory days at IU. Man, it has been so wonderful to just relax and catch up with her. She picked me up from the airport nearing midnight on Thursday, and despite us both having early mornings the next day we chatted for hours. I regret nothing.

Friday morning we both were out the door super early- her to classes and me to meetings. I won't tell you all about what it was about until things are settled- I don't want to jinx anything! 

We met back up in the late afternoon. Her thesis is due next week, so we just lounged around the house so she could get some work done. That was fine by me! I set up shop outside in a lawn chair with my sunnies and a new book and took in the wonderful atmosphere the southern gentlemen across the lawn were providing with their cranked up country music. I'm currently reading 'Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (and Other Concerns)' by Mindy Kaling. It is a magically hilarious book. I devoured over half of it in one day, and found myself laughing out loud rather loudly on multiple occasions. This warranted a lot of strange looks from the gentlemen across the lawn, but I don't care- I do what I want. 

We lounged for the majority of the evening. And then suddenly realized we were both ravenous. Sarah wanted to take me out for some full on southern cookin, but our plans quickly changed when we drove past a lit up sushi restaurant next door to our destination- Miyo's. We snagged a table outside and quickly started gameplanning our attack on the menu. Since we wanted everything, we decided that our best bet was to just get a ton of different rolls and split them. 

We both got salads- Sarah just got a house salad, while I tried their avocado salad. 

Avocado and crab purée with flying fish roe.

It was a really light and fresh flavor, and very unique. Beyond good though- I'm currently trying to figure out how to make something similar at home. I'll let you know if I'm successful.

Then out came our schmorgasboard of sushi rolls. Yum.

We got 5 different types to split between us.

Eel roll- broiled eel, cucumber, and eel sauce. One of my personal favorites.

Alaska roll- salmon, cucumber, and avocado.

We were daring and tried the spicy yellowtail. We weren't sure how we would feel about it, but clearly it was devoured before I could snap a photo of it. So obviously we hates it...yup.

The Red Devil roll- salmon, tuna, and avocado on top of a spicy tuna roll. We were both very much looking forward to that one, but unfortunately it was not what we had in mind. 

And the delicious Nagasaki roll- spicy scallops and crunch topped with sweet shrimp, red tabiko, and crunch. Almost missed a shot of thus guy too, it was so good!

Overall it was a wonderful night out. The weather was gorgeous (I still can't say enough how nice it is to wear shorts and flip flops) and despite the one roll the food was delicious. The atmosphere at Miyo's was very nice- modern and clean, but not too upscale. Their cocktail menu and the atmosphere would make it great for a nice yet casual date or to kick off a girls night out.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) we could not finish all of the sushi, so we snagged a box and took it away with us.

We stopped by Target to grab a few things including wine and a movie and headed straight home to pop open the bottle and snuggle down with the talented Rachel McAdams and About Time. 

Not before cracking open our fortune cookies though! And giggling when we added "in bed" to the end of them. I promise we're adults, really.

All jokes about bed aside though, my fortune is very true. Throughout this rough past few months, I have realized just how many beautiful people in my life are willing to stick with me through thick and thin. I have been bombarded with prayers and good mojo being sent my way lately, and I can honestly say I have been feeling the love, and that all of the prayers and mojo are certainly working. So thank you to all of you- you're all so lovely.

Were going to head out in the town tonight I think, so I need to pop off of here and start getting ready. I spent most if the day in the glorious sun, so I smell like sun screen. And that ain't that cute.

I will share more about my southern adventure with you all tomorrow! It's so good to be back :) 

Happy weekend!

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