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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Since I've been gone...

Holy cow. So, disregarding the Shoefly snap from a few weeks ago (which was written back in May- I won't lie- it just finally made it to the internet this month), I have been quite invisible for the better half of this year.

And for that, I truly apologize.

Last I left off, I was in Arkansas. I promise I didn't set up camp and stay there- I did indeed return to Indianapolis. Just upon getting home I became swamped with work and transitions and life. Everything kept piling up and I could not find time to post any of the awesome posts I had thought to do.

But fear not.

I am back :) 

And before I return full swing to the blogosphere (which believe you me, I will), here's my past few months, abriged.

An obligated selive in front of my gorgeous view from Little Rock- the overpass behind me does not do the view justice.

Celebrating some news (I promise I'll dish in a bit) with my wonderful parents and champagne.

Music festivals, color runs, and plenty of nights out with some of the greatest friends.

My 23rd birthday :) 

A last minute trip back to South Carolina with my Dad

And of course, Vegas! Which is another story for another post, which will come very soon, I promise.

I just wanted to pop in and ensure that you all know that I'm not dead. Quite on the contrary, actually. I have been as alive as ever over the past few months.

I'm so sorry I've been neglectful of this little corner of the internet, but this is my way of crawling back into the sunlight- I will be posting on a regular basis of a few posts a week. Fear not!

I also have some big, big news- stay tuned! :)

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